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Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

clean kitchen stainless sink

Our team takes care of every little detail. One of the last things to consider in any kitchen remodeling project is kitchen sinks and their faucets. To some, this may seem like a minor consideration. However we are here to tell you it can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks and how functional it will be for your family. We have experience working with hundreds of makes of sinks and faucets, therefore, we are very confident we can find the perfect candidates for your kitchen.


Complementing Your Kitchen

With all the sizes, shapes, colors, and options available for kitchen sinks and faucets it can be very difficult to narrow down the right options. You want your sink and faucet to work well with your cabinets, countertops, and appliances. There are a few ways to achieve this either by matching them completely, partially or by juxtaposing these other portions of your kitchen. Our design team will present you with many options that will work perfectly for your kitchen. You will be shocked when you realize how much of a difference sinks and faucets can make when it comes to complementing the appearance of your kitchen.



Kitchen sinks and faucets come in many different shapes and sizes. This allows for different needs to be met. If your family is frequently cooking and creating a lot of dishes you will want to consider sink options with a large basin. If space is limited, we can recommend incredible options that will allow for functionality and maximization of countertop space. If you would like to learn more about how we determine the best and most functional sink and faucet type for your kitchen simply give our team a call today.


Kitchen Sink Placement

When we are renovating your kitchen we may determine that it will make the most sense to relocate your kitchen sink area. This can come about for a variety of reasons and when it does we can handle it. Our team has the experience required to move rough openings, water lines, drain lines, and more to ensure that your new sink is installed exactly where it will work best for you and your family. Our professional build team has performed this service many times therefore we are confident we can make it look as though your sink was in the new spot all along.


Sink and Faucet Installation

No renovation project of ours would be complete without looking after the final touches such as installing and setting up for your sink and faucet. We have experience working with virtually all makes and models of sinks and faucets. Our team has installed these pieces countless amounts of times in our client's homes. We ensure that everything is installed correctly so that you do not run into water leak issues in the future. Our team takes care of all the little details in your kitchen and sinks and faucets are just as important as anything else.

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